About Us

As French entrepreneurs settled in Pondicherry, we are experienced in travelling, we know expatriation and we are aware of its consequent difficulties.

We came up with the idea of creating a website with practical and touristic pieces of information in order to help you organize your trip, or you installation in Pondicherry.

The brand new 2015 version of ToutPondi.com has different parts:

– a news, events and good deals part to be consulted daily
– a city guide with all the good places to see in Pondicherry, that gives practical pieces of advice to organize your trip
Рa commercial part that proposes goof addresses to eat, to find accommodation, to do shopping, to have fun, to relax…

We are a true network gathering all Pondicherry and its neighborhood.
We would like to welcome you to a very special and unique Indian city!

ToutPondi.com has been developed by Connect & Touch Private Limited.

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